Top 3 rugby boots 2017

anthony   2017-08-10   Comments Off on Top 3 rugby boots 2017

Once you are a professional rugby player the next thing in your mind is the professional game skits that you require. We always desire the best so that what we are wearing is never the excuse and for the boots if you ask any rugby player he/she will tell you that they desire a boot the is light (which is logical because we are not going hill climbing but playing a game where speed is of great essence), durable (no one wants to hit the shops every now and then) and of course comfortable (we are playing we should have fun and comfort is, therefore, key and we should be less worried by a boot peeling off part of your skin).

If you are thinking of getting yourself a new boot am going to give you a little heads up on one of the best rugby boots from 2017.

1. ASICS GEL-lethal speed

ASICS GEL-lethal speed

As the name suggests, Asics is a boot that enables you to sprint at your optimum speed which is achieved by the fact that the boot is extremely light and responsive. The speed is also made possible by the fact that it is made by the HG10mm technology which raises your heel by 10mm hence removing stress for muscular tendinous structures of your leg hence you can move faster. The boot also has a flexible vamp construction for added comfort and a multi stud configuration to offer both good grip and stability. In addition, it contains a style midsole material to ensure that the boot is durable. The boot is available in a wide range of sizes from size 8 to 15 so you should not worry about the size of your foot.

2. Malice SG rugby boots

Malice SG rugby boots

If you are the side step kind of a guy or you are the entrusted converter in your team then this boot is for you. This is because it has a lightweight outsole built to support during a side step movement and also has a large surface area for kicking the ball. In addition, it has a Non Stop Grip feature to ensure that paramount stability is achieved.

3. Canterbury speed club rugby boots

Canterbury speed club rugby boots

To round up our top 3 is the Canterbury speed club rugby boots which are purely synthetic. The boots contain a TPU counter which helps in providing extra support and durability. We all want a light boot and to ensure this is achieved, it contains a soft synthetic upper that reduces the aggregate weight of the boot. In addition, it has reinforcement zones which guarantee sufficient support and also traction to a wide range of field types. You should also note that the boot contains a 6-stud outsole configuration to offer super fine traction when completing multi-directional movements.

Depending on your taste and preferences, I think you should get yourself one of this and the next time you hit the pitch you will be less worried about your boot failing you. The price tags put on them are also much reasonable when put against the services that they will offer you.